Wednesday, 17 July 2019

My Burra Family 8 years on

This story starts with Boss. Boss is the patriarch of the family. He befriended me 8 years ago and since then, has introduced me to all of his off spring.  Boss & I had a special relationship that surpassed what I have with all the others. I truly believe he enjoyed my company.  I say “enjoyed” as I fear he & his mate Bashful have perished. I haven’t seen them for 18 months now. And with them gone, no mating pair. That means no offspring for the last 2 seasons.

Boss and I
Sad as that may be, I believe Boss has left behind his spirit.
In Boof.
Right from the get go she accepted me. Before we were even ‘introduced’ by Boss, she let me approach her while sitting on the back fence. Luckily I recorded both moments.
Another similarity to Boss is her willingness to try new foods.

Is camera a food?
Most weekends I set the Tapas Bar with an assortment of fruits, rice & vegies for the various birds that visit my place. Mostly, I serve up stuff that shouldn’t interest a Kookaburra at all. Yet they are the first ones to check out the fare every single time.

What's this first in - best dressed bullshit.
She couldn't even wait for me to finish
Now sometimes they play with it. Other times they eat it. Like Boss, Boof tries everything. I think they use the Tapas Bar like a vitamin bar. Sampling more & more adds to the bank of knowledge.

This is play btw.

This isn't.
A little prezzie from my cats - reluctantly

Being a bird of prey, they get all sorts of vegetable matter from the gut of their prey. Their prey would also vary depending on the season, so I’m guessing they use fruit as either a supplement or a remedy.

Sampling a variety of things I think puts her in good stead for the future.




Another commonality they share, is their love for water.  

This is Boss looking like Gandalf.
He has sat thru 2 full squirt bottles of water.
Even waiting when I went off to re-fill it.
Of the 7 in the family, Boss & Boof absolutely love it, to the point of getting so wet they almost fall like a stone when they take off. Bitey, Button & Brave Baby also love it but with a lot more moderation. Bashful & Bully hate it.

This is only 5 weeks after Boss lead him to my back fence as a fledgling.

A Real water baby.
I'm hosing him late on a summers arvo

What kid doesn't like playing under the hose in summer

The possessed water baby

An Angelic water baby

A cat about to become a water baby
Did I? Or Didn't I?
Here’s Boofs first hosing

But the true similarity is our bond. Here’s another bird, like her dad, that just likes my company.

Hanging on my every word

Just Chillin

My Whirling Dervish
See you all soon (hopefully sooner than my last post)

Friday, 31 August 2018

The Winter Doldrums

Winter is a quiet time for the Tapas Bar & my Blog. The birds are neither breeding nor raising bubs, so there is little agro. Also the days are short and cold – not conducive to spending long hours outdoors filming.
When it’s like this I still have my Kookaburra Family. My stalwarts. They are a constant in my life. They’re here every day and seem to truly enjoy my company.

Boof cuddling in under the watchful eye of Brave Baby

Boof & I in a deep and meaningful
This winter however, was different. We’ve just exited the warmest winter since records started so I’m not sure if I’ve got so many photos due to the warmer weather & the birds obliging, or the fact I spent more time out there taking them.  So Please…………..
...…….Keep Reading
When I said there was less agro due to winter, there is always the exception to the rule & that’s Cedrick & Daphne the Lorikeets. They’re not testosterone driven. They’re not jealously guarding the Tapas Bar as a food source for their bubs. These guys just love to fight.  They don’t care who. They don’t care when. Each other. Different species. Doesn’t matter.
WHO?? Little ol me.
Aggressive? Not little ol me.
Well, maybe just a tad!

It's not the size of the dog in the fight.
It's the size of the fight in the dog.
NEVER! NEVER say bite me to a Lorikeet

Haaaaalitosis. Halitosis.
Do I really have bad breath????
Answer carefully Cedrick!

Here's my answer Daphne!!!

NOT NOW!!!! Daphne's here
Bacon Snakes are always a good source of funny photos. The Kookaburras just LOVE them, and they put themselves in all sorts of unusual positions trying to release them.

How I LOVE my Bacon Snakes.

Unless they've been tied down
This is going to look ugly

Bugger, can't go any further this way.
I'll have to try the other direction.

OH SHIT!! If he lets go now 
that's going to fling me all the way to the other side of the bay
just like a sling-shot

He's a funny bugger is our Brad

For those that follow my blog will know I have a couple of Burmese cats that co-share the veranda with my Kookaburra Family. It’s a tenuous relationship, however, it works. 7 years and there’s been no fatalities on either side. Having said that I came home last month & Devil greeted me at the front door like he usually does, except this time he was on the outside. How had he got out. I checked my GoPro footage for the day and caught a glimpse of him limping around the backyard. Now for those that own a Burmese any of the following scenarios could have been true as they are notoriously clumsy. Lying in the sun on the edge of the veranda he rolled over – and fell off. Wrestled with Hyde, his bigger brother, and was thrown off the veranda, or 1 of my Kookaburra Family was on the railing & Devil dived up, missed the bird and sailed straight over the edge. I’ll never know.
So the other night I was watching TV with both the cats curled up asleep on my headrest, when Hyde heard something that caught his attention? He was down & scratching around under a trophy cabinet I have in the lounge room. His insistence soon had Devils attention so now both cats were trying to reach something tucked out of reach. This went for some minutes with me thinking it was probably a coachroach (they fly in from the waterfront attracted to the veranda lights). So both cats are at one end totally fixed when a little grey blur dashes out from the other end a slipped under my bedroom door. I was the only one to notice. I opened the door, moved all furniture away from the walls and moved the cats in. All they wanted to do was go back to the cabinet. So I locked them in my bedroom. After ½ an hour of meowing to come out I reluctantly opened my door. They had completely lost interest in the mouse/rat.
I sat them on my lap and read them the riot act. I told them how bitterly disappoint I was that 2 cats were best by a bloody mouse. THEY WERE A DISGRACE TO THE FELINE RACE.
With that I went to bed. When I woke in the morning all I can say is it was like a scene from the Godfather. On the foot of my bed was a dead mouse. Seems my cats had sent me a message I couldn’t refuse.
My faith in my 2 boys restored, the mouse was confiscated for a greater good. I’ve wanted a mouse for ages to present to my Kookaburra Family, and now I had one.
I couldn’t wait to set this guy up on the Tapas Bar for the clan. I set up both my GoPro camera up at different angles as I didn’t want to miss one second of what would transpire.
And what transpired was a HUGE BLOODY DISAPPOINTMENT. They ignored it for 7 minutes in preference of some chicken & chicken bones I had also served up.

Here's the video
I have posted plenty of photos on my blog of “Koobbits” A Koobbit is a Kookaburra that can morph into a Rabbit. I think they do this to scare the others away as shown in these next photos. Why a Rabbit would scare a Kookaburra defies logic, but there you go, you've got to be a Kookaburra to get it. Well it seems Pernicious the Pee Wee also has this ability to turn into a Koobbit. This has never been filmed before and seems to have gone inter-species.
GO AWAY BROTHER. Don't make me morph

I warned you!

Pernicious trying her hand at morphing

Boof morphing into a Koobbit.
Not dissimilar to the Regan head spinning scene in the Exorcist,
but much, much faster
Something of interest is happening right now, and that’s the transition of one of my Satin Bowerbird boys from juvenile to adult. At age 7 they change from a “Green Bird” to a “Black bird”. The following family photos show Brad (the adult male), then Angelina (the mother) followed by Knox (the transitional boy) and finally Shiloh (the youngest boy). Note the difference in the beaks between Knox & Shiloh. Knox’s beak has already turned cream. Soon his green feathers will change to black like his dad. I’m looking forward to bringing you those photos as I haven’t seen that yet myself.


Knox (In transition)


I try to link all my photos to a story as I have above. These next few are just photos for photos sake.
Why do I have to move?
Why is that your seat?

In the winter it's close enough to the radiator so I'm warm but not so close I sweat, and in the summer, it gets a nice cross-breeze by opening up windows here & here. It also points to the TV not at a direct angle so that I can converse with others in the room but not so indirect where the picture looks fuzzy.

I Like the look of this guy.
He's one good looking Rooster!

An Apple tossing Kookaburra
Who'd of thunk it?

Red the male Wattlebird looking at food, 
while his mate Autumn flies in wishing he was looking at her.

Devil Bird that has Tongue of Fire
I see you...………………

PLEASE, PLEASE, don't bar me from this blog.
I promise to be good :)
This brings me to the end of this blog. 
I’m looking forward to bringing you more stories and photos soon, 
so stay tuned.